SKILL SPECIFICATIONSItemSPECIFICATIONDetailsElectricalVoltage AC220±20%VPOWER CONSUMPTION 190WFrequency 50-60Hzlight sourceLamp:LEDRedx12+greenx18+bluex18+whitex12LED QTY’ LED60PCSLED POWER 3WLED BRANDTaiwan BrandcontrolControl Signal DMX512Control Channels 13、9、8Optical systemDimmer 0-100%Strobe 128-190Hzlens angle 10°、15°、30°、38°、45°、60°OptionalPhysicalSingle Carton Size (L x W x H): 226x226x450(mm)IP RATE IP20Net Weight 4.6KGGross Weight 5.2KGColor Black CertificationCertification CE PERFORMANCE TRAIT:@ Lighting equipment use the LED illuminant with high performance and super luminance.@ High performance and energy saving permanent current LED driving circuit and software control system, with perfect dimmer color system and splendid performing function.@ Appearance design: The fixture adopt new plastic cover, all the outer casings are connected by the plastic cover, perfect connection, beautiful appearance and cubic effect. @ Appearance material: The plastic cover is made of Nylon and Fibre, with high temperature, wear proof, and crashworthy.@ Cooling performance: It adopt the new-style and absolute double space cooling. By separating the two heating capsule, it forms the double construction of the air intake space and heat diffusion. space. which will be know as a good cooling performance and absolutely extend the service lifetime.@ High precision temperature monitor function: monitoring the phosphor board and PCB board simultaneously.@ Wind speed automatic adjustment: The fixture can control the wind speed according to the temperature and inner intelligent setting function. @ Default scene after power: the fixture can automatically adjust the default scene after power according to the inner setting.@ Automatic run function: Support 4 automatic run procedures, support the Menu and controller scene edit function. The most can be 100 scene.@ Automatic distinguish function: It support DMX control signal priority. Regardless of any state, the fixture will automatically switch to the DMX controlled state once receiving DMX signal, if no DMX signal, the fixture can automatically switch to the DMX signal control, black scene, the default scene and automatic run procedures state according to its inner setting.@ Enlarge IP function: Each fixture can set IP address separately, the most can be setting 64 IP.(0 is a common IP and is available for all the IP.). that means the biggest IP range is 512*64.


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