AK series professional power amplifier continues the previous design style, and also adopts the integrative design for the structure. Although the depth is not deep, but it has many functions, AK series has 2, 3 and 4 channels for you to choose.
AK series analog power amplifier is completed R D in 2012, its design continues MX series, concise but not simple.The appearance color is with more professional classical black, calm but not publicity. The panel is completed stamping by the once-molded stamping modeling, which makes rich level and shape. Meanwhile, the design of the structural and packaging combine a lot of drop and vibration tests, which ensure the AK series has a firm protections and enough to face all kinds of harsh environment.
The design of AK series analog power amplifier has a perfect protective circuit, which can well solve the problem of damage due to overheating, when the inner temperature is too high, the amplifier will be cut off connection with the speaker automatically and will resume to work until the temperature cooling down. As to the sound quality, through the efficient signal transfer function, harmonic distortion (THD), intermodulation distortion (SMPTE-IM) and transient intermodulation distortion are greatly reduced, which make the sound perfect amplify.
MX series analog power amplifier series can cover the market demands as for the power, which make it whatever is in a small conference room, KTV room or large stadiums, concert can perform stably and excellently.
Besides, AK series has 2 channels, 3 channels and 4 channels different choices for you to choose.


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