Class D-DN

The DN series power amplifiers are the earliest series that is put into production by Kobble. This series adopts the PWM classical electric circuit mode and has the distinct digital characteristics. The DN series power amplifiers have a high sampling frequency and the precise dead space control function, which allows this series to be steady and to have a graceful sound effect. After many years of market testing, the DN series power amplifiers of Kobble have been the preferred products for many customers.
The DN series power amplifiers have many advantages as follows: As for the power supply, the DN series uses a high-quality switching power supply system. All power supplies adopt soft switch designs including APFC. These designs allow power amplifiers to operate at any voltage section between 85V and 260V. The DN series power amplifiers conform to corresponding EMC standards of IEC60065 and NRTL, which can make the customers feel more relieved when use the amplifier. As to the power amplification, DN series was improved many designs, especially the solutions of some difficult problems, for example, the short circuit protection for the output audio frequency (10kHz-20kHz) and the difficult problem about inconsistency of high and low frequency short circuit triggering is solved through signal maintenance and timely comparison. In order to test the D series products more comprehensively, we have the following designs for the temperature control: we in order to test the D series products more comprehensively, a temperature adjusting system has been designed for the fan, and we have also designed a linear fan control system for temperature control which can quickly carry heat out of the machine in a timely manner. In addition, we have designed a temperature and output power control system. When temperature reaches60℃, the output power of the power amplifier will decrease correspondingly, thus reducing heat. Such a combination of the temperature control functions assures you of a safe use. As to the other traditional protections, the D series also keeps on improving. Not only the DC output protection is provided in the power amplifier, but also the hardware protection is meticulously designed. As to the compression treatment, we use both amplitude compression and rapid current compression to achieve the system stability.
The DN series power amplifier includes six models which are in the same power, weight and depth. All of them are designed with an international 1U body design which can make the customers have more choices according to their needs. As to the power selection, the DN series has a high power output capability that the other traditional power amplifiers can not reach. In addition, the steady and flexible form makes the customer more satisfied.
1U standard design
power amplifier output short circuit and overload protection
in-built input signal limiter
active PFC function which can make the power supply factor reach 0.99
fault indication
power amplifier output DC protection
audio balance / unbalance input
working temperature indication
powerful power output which can make the drive 20HM overload steadily.
temperature power control
add digital signal processing interface which can let you improve the power amplifier’s performance easily.
remote switch off (including DSP model)
temperature control fan
90~240V AC input working range


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