With the progress of science technologies, an audio product is getting more and more, it is too inconvenient if these products cobined together, many sockets will be installed for them. Time Series Instrument is available to turn on/off the electric equipments connected according to the orders by the mode from first to last one when turning on, and from last one to the first when turning off to avoid some damage of the terminal instruments (eg. Amplifiers or speakers...etc) because of the incorrect operation and also reduct the rushing electrical current which is caused to the lines of the power transmission when the electrical instrutments turning on. As the function of this instrument, some managers of the system can never touch the ON/OFF switch of the power. It is an essential instrument for an audio system, a computer net system of television and broadcasting and other electricity engineering.
》Nominal output voltage:AC 220V, 50Hz
》Nominal output electrical current:30A
》Controllable power:8 lines
》Delay time of operation for per line: 19 seconds
》Supplying power:VAC 50/60Hz 25A
》A director with output per line
》Power controlled by a key switch
》Nominal output elcetrical current of single line:20A


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