SN Series Automatic Joint

BDS fast folding projection screen
Taiwan production, designed specifically for the performance
Product Features:
for the selection of the primary structure of the aerospace aluminum for high durability and very light and easy to carry.
full-function type with a high gain front projection screen
User-friendly design and installation button, and convenient safety excellence in design.
New improved version of the overall structure, can be used to complete a very short time, easy to assemble.
imported super-flexible high-gain projection screen, with a low lumen projector can have high brightness performance.
exclusively equipped with high stability, stays after the anticline structure, not easy to shake even more peace of mind for outdoor use.
Providing portable case with wheels, transportation and admission more easier.
Technical parameters:
Installation: Installation and removal of large crank knob (no tools)
Support Material: Aerospace Aluminum
Stent wall thickness: 1.8mm
Front Projection Screen Material: The United States imported special nano-PVC composite materials
Rear Projection Screen Materials: The United States imported special nano-PVC composite materials
Viewing Angle: 110 degrees
Gain ratio :1.1-1.8
SN- 84 (84-inch 4:3) dimension(1707mm× 1280mm)
SN-100 (100-inch 4:3) dimension (2032mm × 1524mm)
SN-120 (120-inch 4:3) dimension (2438mm× 1828mm)
SN-150 (150-inch 4:3) dimension (3048mm × 2286mm)
SN-180 (180-inch 4:3) dimension (3658mm × 2743mm)
SN-200 (200-inch 4:3) dimension (4064mm × 3048mm)
SN-250 (250-inch 4:3) dimension (5080mm × 3810mm)
SN-300 (300-inch 4:3) dimension (6050mm× 4520mm)
SN2-100 (100-inch 16:9) dimension (2212mm × 1245mm)
SN2-150 (150-inch 16:9) dimension (3321mm × 1868mm)
SN2-180 (180-inch 16:9) dimension (3985mm × 2242mm)
SN2-200 (200-inch 16:9) dimension (4428mm × 2491mm)
SN2-250 (250-inch 16:9) dimension (5535mm × 3113mm)


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