LS-100BW Laser Case

Designed for the laser dancer and special performances
1.Designed in Taiwan
2.Ultra-high Brightness Rough Light Spot , simultaneously bilateral light
3.Beautiful appearance, strong, delicate, small size, good feeling of grip
4.Respectively use high power of green ,blue,red three-color rough light spot lasers
5.Rechargeable lithium battery, easy to carry and use
6.The Laser Tube with the Charging IC,can directly charging without dismantling battery.( Except blue light)
7.Charge lamp to check the state of charge
8.Multi-function Buttons to control the light of Double laser ,Left laser and Right laser
9.Safety Hangs Function
10.Change gobo funciton
Standard Configuration:
1.One Lase Tube , Two Lithium Batteries , One Charging cable, One Charging adapter, One long Hangs Belt ,One short Hangs Belt
2.Additional Configuration of choose and buy : Charging Block ,Lithium Battery
1.To ensure the service life,you'd better don't always use it continuous for a long time,to prevent power attenuation.
2.Prohibits direct and continuous exposure to the eyes, there will be a serious risk of blindness.
3.When making the LOGO ,the disk is 1.6mm,the patterns can not beyond 10mm,the thickness of the glass is 1.2 MM (suggestusing glass material)
4.Once long distance projection of LOGO ,divergence angle should adjust.


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