DV-100 Ihaled Hatch Design

Revolutionary full-featured professional DVD media player was born!!!
1.Design and manufacturing in Taiwan
2. The world's first combination dvd + usb + tft's 2u rack-mount products
3. Japan's Hitachi inhaled high-quality skinhead movement and mechanical shock
4. Disc and the usb folder can show clearly and easily search for songs
5. This product can read, such as dvd and other CD-ROM format and with 4.3-inch high-definition digital full-color display screen
6. Cd vcd mp3 mp4 cd-rom can be saved to usb drive in copy
7.Multiples of 16 to read memory, high-capacity memory can reach super-optimal shock tolerance
8. FM radio function
9. Adjust the microphone input volume
10.The machine comes with a total output volume adjustment and headphone output volume adjustment
11. Tone that can be adapted to lift the 8-degree
12. Video seletor external to video input 2 and switch monitoring
13. Loop ab point
14. Press the DISPLAY button to quickly remove or to restore the operation of the screen and output to display subtitles
15.0-10 rapid selection key
16. PLAY STOP COPY button LED lighting display at night
17. Easy-to-fast-forward and backward search
18. The full time display
19. Function infrared remote control
20. Single and continous function
21. Use this button to repeat a single song or all the track of CD
22.00v-240v switching power supply
23. audio and video output interface is as follows:
24.VIDEO s-video video a group、video out three groups、component output (Y PrCr PbCb) a group
25.AUDIO xlr balanced a group、non-balanced two groups、a group of digital output
1.Power supply:100v-240v switching power supply
2.Power consumption:25w - 30w
3.Headphone output:200mv
4.Audio output:200mv
5.Response frequency:20hz - 20khz
6.SNR:85 dB
7.Audio input:mic
8.Sound output:xlr、rca、earphone、digital out、fm
9.Video input:av
10.Video output:s-video、av
11.Sound specifications:dvd、vcd、cd, cd-rw、mp3、mp4、wav、wma、usb、cd-g
12.The total harmonic distortion: 0.01%
13.Distortion: 0.01%
14.Dynamic range: 94dB
16.Size:483mm * 88mm * 200mm


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