DJ-350 XLR Output

Performance and engineering for mobile operators designed 1U CD player
1. design and manufacturing in taiwan
2. 1U ultra-thin body size
3. can read mp3 cd interface with id3 song name
4. usb input signals - read very fast
5. attached cd / usb switch button
6. Japan's Sanyo inhaled high-quality skinhead movement and mechanical shock
7. 8 multiple read memory, 40 seconds of electronic shock
8. read the disc fast and stable
9. rotation speed adjustment device
10. speed pitch + -16 (speed button is pressed immediately return 0)
11. pitch bend + -16
12. single and continuous playback
13. auto cue
14. Uninterrupted Seamless cycle of A-B points
15. real time loop
16. Wheel-type selections feature (keys +10 selections attached)
17. headphone out jack and volume control
18. use this button to repeat a single song or all the track of CD
19. 100v-240v switching power supply specifications for international
20. Programming selections
21. 96 db signal to noise ratio
22. infrared remote control function
23. LED lighting at night blue-luminescent display
24. A large blue screen to enable easy identification of clear
25. stereo balanced xlr output
26. xlr output pay independent adjustable level device
27. The full time display
Power supply:100v-240v ac (50hz/60hz)
Power consumption:9w-16w
Headphone output:200mv
Audio output:200mv
SNR:96db (a-wtd)
Frequency response:20hz-20khz
Sound output:xlr, rca, earphone
Sound specifications:cd, cd-r, cd-rw, mp3, usb
Disc specification:12cm
Total harmonic distortion: 0.01% (200hz lpf 20khz lpf)
Dynamic range: 98db (20khz lpf a-wtd)
Channel separation: 90db (at-1khz)
Distortion: 0.01%
Player size:1u
data decoding:16-bit
Weight:3.9 kg


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